Spy Equipment
by Sovietski

Cloak and Dagger Books

The world's largest dealer in new and out-of-print books on intelligence and related fields.

EDE Spy Outlet

Specializing in hidden video cameras, loss prevention, electronic debugging, anti-tapping devices, audio, video recorders, locksmithing tools and surveillance equipment.

Force Ten

Revenge, spying, police & military equipment. Will ship internationally.

InterGalatic Spy Shop

At this site you can purchase many different items that might be useful in the investigative business including surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment.

Spy Department

Canada's largest spy store. Very large selection of various spy equipment.

Spy Exchange and Security Center

Offers various spy equipment and related resources.

Spy Store

Surveillance and security merchandise.

Spy Store

Spy store. Same day worldwide shipping, secure online catalog. Surveillance equipment, pinhole video cameras, privacy theft personal protection, bug detectors, lock picking, and more.

Spy Stuff

Offers a wide assortment of investigative and spy equipment including protection related devices, surveillance systems and bug/bomb detection equipment.

Spytech Surveillance and Security

Surveillance equipment.

Spy Supply Online

Offers a large selection of surveillance, security and privacy assurance devices.


The real world of spy versus spy, corporate espionage, counter intelligence, surveillance, and ultra-high tech detection systems.

Surveillance Headquarters

State of the art surveillance and anti-surveillance equipment.

The Spy Store, Inc

Selection of covert wireless video and audio surveillance, security, and loss prevention equipment.

U Spy Store

Their complete catalog of spy related items can be browsed and ordered online.

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